Being the exclusive distributor for Imperial Royal, GMK is able to offer various quality product such as manufacturing, sourcing and marketing the complete range of Manual & Actuated Valves, Onshore & Offshore marine equipment and energy products.

Our inventory includes superior quality Valves such as Gate valves, Globe vales, Check valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves completed with Manual or Actuated Operation, Cryogenic Valves, JIS Marine Valves, Special Items such as Automatic Recirculation Valve, Flame Arresters, Mudbox, Air Vent Head, Filtration Products such as Simple Strainer, Duplex Strainer, Y Strainer, Temporary Cone Strainer, Customized Sea Water Suction Strainers, Rose Box &, power supply equipment such as UPS and inverter systems, as well as services such as engineering consultation, preventive maintenance and power audits.

We maintain long established partnerships and have a good relationship with local and foreign steel manufacturers.

We have been working for number of  government or privately owned project by providing a most competitive price and best quality product and fully committed providing excellence  service at all time.

We are always ready to perform quality control tests for all products offered. The materials we offer are new and equipped with a testing and factory certificate.

PT. GARUDA MAS KEPRI also involves cooperation with a consortium under the leadership of Hiap Seng Engineering Ltd More precisely, we assign the responsibilities for
design/engineering, supplies, and construction within the consortium to your best advantage. Yet you only have to deal with one contact: the consortium leader.
As the leading consortium partner, we guarantee efficient project performance by taking on overall project management.

PT. GARUDA MAS KEPRI is well positioned to undertake EPC projects for the oil & gas, petrochemical & chemical, power & utilities and pharmaceutical industries in
Indonesia and the region.

PT. GARUDA MAS KEPRI has comprehensive capabilities to undertake plant maintenance responsibilities in the refineries, petrochemical/chemical complexes, pharmaceutical and
the power/utilities plants.


PT. GARUDA MAS KEPRI is all about turning the dreams of a beautifully functioning world into concrete reality. To this end, we aim to make ‘Total Quality’ our vision. We aim to bring to the world not only a plethora of quality products, but also a premier organizational setup that is driven by efficiency, productivity, transparency and minimal internal red tape. Through this holistic adherence to ‘Total Quality’, we hope to build and maintain lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders, and ultimately to build sustainable communities of conscious global citizens who tirelessly strive for perfection.


  • Become the preferred supplier of marine equipment and energy products through innovation, integrity, efficiency and reliability;
  • Promote responsible commodity trading, and
  • Create value in, and a lasting impact on, the market sectors we have a presence in.

PT. GARUDA KEPRI MAS prides itself in shaping the entire spectrum of its actions and decisions in earnest of living up to these objectives. We practice a model of constant re-evaluation and innovation, exploring new techniques and approaches in the quest for better design and engineering. We focus on reliability as a core component of our framework, and believe in being simultaneously committed to quality and accountability for our actions.


Our Corporate Core Values:

1)      Respect – Be professional with every interaction with employees, customers and vendors.  Treat them with the utmost respect, honesty, directness and follow through.

2)      Leadership– The courage to lead from front and shape future

3)      Accountability– Responsibility of our actions that influence the lives of our customers and fellow workers

4)      Quality – We strive for first-time quality and continuous improvement in all that we do to meet or exceed the standards for customer satisfaction

5)      Integrity – Acting with honesty and honour without compromising the truth

6)      Innovation– To come out with new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world

7)      Safety – Ensuring the health and safety of employees and going beyond the legal requirements to provide an accident-free workplace.

Partners of Our Company